Robotic Vacuum Reviews – Is One For You?

Is a robot vacuum worth it for your home? Robotic Vacuum Reviews is here to help you find the answer.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love your pets but not the pet hair?
  • Do you enjoy a clean house but hate elbow grease?
  • Are you tired of all the groans you get when passing out chores?

Well a robot vacuum can’t fix all of that, but it might get you a bit closer.

The Original Roomba Robot Vacuum circa 2006
The Original Roomba ©2006

I’m always pretty satisfied after I lug the upright vacuum out of the closet. Coats are shoved to one side in the process and the power cord whipped around like Indiana Jones.

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Before long the carpets are smooth with vacuum lines. It looks and feels like my entire home is cleaner. (Never mind the clutter.)

Do I want it to look that way every day? Of course. But do I want to do that every day?

Absolutely not.

I’d rather kick up my feet, remote control in hand, and enjoy the good life while I’m still the master of my domain.

The last time I checked, our future robot-masters are still remote control servants built to cater to our messy lifestyles.

Let’s enjoy it while we still can.

“Alexa, tell Neato to start cleaning.”

Not since Eve and Wall-E have our dreams of utopian do-nothingness come closer to reality.

Kids want to wrestle on the carpet?

Go for it. I’ll even referee knowing I won’t need to pick off pet hair after crowning a winner.

Cereal spilled on the kitchen floor?

You won’t see me reaching for the broom. I’ve got coffee to drink and Netflix to binge. My robot vacuum is here for that piddly job.

Is a Robot Vacuum Worth It?

Read the pages of our robotic vacuum reviews and you’ll see that we think it is. But you know what, don’t take it just from us.

Read our reviews and hear from first time owners. Listen to others who’ve used multiple robot vacuums over the years.

We put links in all of our reviews so you can get feedback straight from them.

You’ll hear three common themes:

  • Genuine surprise in the amount of dirt and debris a robot vacuum collects.
  • A huge feeling of increased cleanliness in the home.
  • Disbelieve that they waited this long before trying one.

Don’t believe it…

Take A Look For Yourself

$ = less than $250 / $$ = $250 to $500 / $$$ = $500 an up

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$ N

Robotic Vacuum Reviews – What You’ll Find

General information on how robot vacuums work, maintenance tips, and other topics. We also post reviews on the most popular models for every price range.

Are you still asking yourself, “Is a Robot Vacuum Worth It?

Do you like knowing how things work?

The Robot Vacuum Basics page describes the mechanics that are typical with most robot vacuums. Discover why some features can add up on the price tag while others might be a pretty good bargain.

Check those out before reading our reviews and you’ll become a robot vacuum master.

Not ready to be a master yet?

You can head straight to our Robot Vacuum Blog. We’ve written reviews in a consistent format, covering the same topics in a standard layout.

Flipping back and forth will make comparisons easy. If that’s your thing.

So, Is a Robot Vacuum Worth It?

Take a look at these facts while you’re deep in thought.

  • The technology is improving
  • The price tag is dropping
  • Their popularity is increasing

At the same time, a central resource dedicated to robot vacuum reviews is scarce. On most websites they just get mixed in with all the other vacuums out there.

Old Vacuum Ad

Handhelds, Canisters, Uprights, Cordless

It was high time robot vacuums got their own recognition. Hence our website was born.

The iRobot Roomba became a household name if, for nothing else, the simple novelty of having a robot do some of your chores.

Soon after that, companies like ECOVACS, ILIFE, and Neato saw the potential. Competition for robot vacuum innovation and market share has been off to the races ever since.

Is a robot vacuum worth it for you and your home? If you made it this far you might become a robot vacuum master after all.

So what do you need?

And more importantly, what do you want to spend?

If you have high carpet or thick rugs you certainly don’t want a robot vacuum getting stuck every five minutes.

How about a mini tank that can power across your floors in no time, with little regard to noise levels?

Or maybe a more low-profile unit that goes about its business quietly while you go on about yours?

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That’s what Robotic Vacuums Review is here for.

To minimize the number of Google searches you have to do to find the answers you’re looking for and decide for yourself.

Is a robot vacuum worth it?