The Best Robot Vacuums Under $200

Until recently, finding a decent robot vacuum under $200 was a crap shoot at best and the demand for affordable robot vacuums is at an all time high. To meet this demand, manufacturers are inventing ways to keep costs low but also offer great performance and features.

To gain some knowledge of what features to expect for basic robot vacuums check out our Robot Vacuum Basics page. From that vantage point you can then compare which features add to the price tag and by how much.

What’s a budget for some certainly isn’t a budget for others. The word is a relative term. But it implies the same general “low cost” meaning. For the sake of this website it refers to good robot vacuums under $200.

Amazon Best Sellers

The robot vacuums on this page are here because they perform very well compared to other low cost robot vacuums. Their reviews by owners on places like Amazon are overwhelmingly positive.

Tesvor X500 Review

Our Tesvor X500 review details how Tesvor, a new player in the robot vacuum market, has manufactured a quality device at an incredible price. Tesvor is a trademark brand...

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Deebot N79 Review
Our ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 review discusses how this little device has set the standard for affordable robot vacuums that include smart phone control. It’s this combination of Wi-Fi connectivity,...

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Eufy 11S Review

RoboVac 11S Review
Our Eufy 11s Review discusses this thinned down version of the RoboVac 11+. But don’t let this slimmer size fool you at all. It sports strong suction and exceptional...

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ILIFE V3s Pro Review

ILIFE V3s Featured Image
Our ILIFE V3s Pro Review discusses this low priced, low profile robot vacuum that’s simple to use. It keeps floors free from pet hair and daily dirt build up...

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Housmile Robot Vacuum Review

Housmile Robot Vacuum Thumbnail
With a price tag just under $100, our Housmile Robot Vacuum review describes how it’s not just a cheap knockoff of some of the more advanced units. This would...

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