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ILIFE A4s Review

Our ILIFE A4s review describes this affordable robot vacuum that cleans floors like a champ and will keep busy for almost two hours on a single charge.

ILIFE A4s Review

INCLUDED WITH THE ILIFE A4s: remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, extra set of side brushes, user guide, and 12-month warranty.

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A Few Quick Notes On This Unit

  • It ranks near the top of Amazon’s best seller list with a 4.3 rating.
  • The price for this model is dropping to stay competitive with Wi-Fi units.
  • With these savings, we believe the price to performance makes it a fantastic bargain.

Who doesn’t like inexpensive and affordable help around the house?

ILIFE A4s Review – Cleaning

The folks at ILIFE have a reputation for building quiet robot vacuums and the ILIFE A4s is no exception.

I wouldn’t say that it’s barely noticeable but it is certainly much quieter than other robot vacuums we’ve tested.

The Three Tiered Cleaning System Includes:

  • double V mian bristle brush
  • twin spinning side brushes
  • powerful vacuum suction

Check out the Robot Vacuum Basics and the How Robot Vacuums Work pages to expand your mind on robot vacuums.

They label the main brush as “tangle free” which isn’t entirely true but it’s pretty good at collecting cat and dog hair.

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The suction strength on the ILIFE A4s is among the best at this price range. It grabs particles and tosses them into its dust bin with ease.

Air flow design is underappreciated when it comes to cleaning performance and the folks at ILIFE have got it figured out.

The dustbin has a 450 ml capacity (15 ounces). Emptying it is a breeze.

It uses a sponge, primary filter, and HEPA filter. So you know even the smallest particles are getting filtered out of the air.

ILIFE A4s Review - Dustbin

As we transition into the navigation section, the ILIFE A4s has durable rubber wheels that flex up and down.

These allow the body of the robot vacuum to maintain an even distance from the floor.

This achieves two purposes:

  • The brushes stay in contact with the floor to maximize cleaning.
  • Transitions between floor types is much easier.

Overall, we give the cleaning performance of the ILIFE A4s very good ratings for low pile carpets and bare floors.

The three tiered cleaning system combined with adjustable wheels and excellent air flow are very effective in keeping floors free of every day dirt and pet hair.

As with anything else, price to performance should always be kept in mind.

ILIFE A4s Review – Navigation

The ILIFE A4s has a big AUTO button on top and a power switch on the back. With a quick push on you’re way out the door the A4s will go to work.

Here are a few quick navigation notes:

  • Max run time is 140 minutes
  • Cleaning patterns are not predictable
  • Modes include Auto, Spot, Edge, and Max

It’s designed to return to the charging base when the battery power gets low. Although its accuracy in finding the way back to the charging dock can be hit or miss.

The maximum run time is around 140 minutes which is fantastic. However since the ILIFE A4s uses semi-random cleaning patters, it can be an inefficient use of this time.

Clean Living Room

Auto, Spot, and Edge modes are the standard cleaning patterns but it also has a Max mode.

Pushing Max on the remote revs up the motor, kicking the suction into overdrive for heavier lifting. This of course drains the battery much faster.

Pressing the Spot button on the remote will cause the ILIFE A4s to stop Auto cleaning and make circular patters in a particular area before resuming Auto mode.

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Using Edge mode requires the robot vacuum to be placed near a wall. It will then attempt to run along the entire length of the wall before resuming Auto mode.

Like most robot vacuums, the ILIFE A4s has cliff and anti-collision sensors to aid navigation.

Cliff sensors prevent the robot vacuum from taking a tumble down stairs.

The anti-collision sensors halt the bot a couple inches from obstacles. They aren’t quite precise enough to get flush to an object without tapping it, but the ILIFE A4s does have a nice front bumper.

When it does make contact with an object it’s a pretty soft one.

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Finally, the remote is pretty basic and has an LCD screen that makes scheduling easy. There are buttons for all of the cleaning modes as well as for manual steering and returning to charge.

ILIFE A4s Review – Summary

The ILIFE A4s won’t beat you in a high stakes game of chess. But if you love clean floors, don’t care about smart phone controls, and appreciate affordability, you could easily justify the expense.

We believe that you’ll be satisfied that your money was well spent. As we mentioned at the top, the farther below $200 the price goes the better the price to performance gets.

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