ILIFE A8 Review

Our ILIFE A8 review discusses how the developers at ILIFE are forging new and affordable technologies.

ILIFE A8 Review

INCLUDED WITH THE ILIFE A8: Charging Base, AC adapter, Remote Control (2 AAA batteries not included, 2 Side Brushes, Extra Main Brush, Cleaning Tool, Filter

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But bringing the features you typically only find in $600 robots to the budget class has its challenges.

Quick Highlights

  • Sleek Black Finish and Low Profile – Looks sharp while it cleans
  • I-Voice Technology and Pano-View Navigation – Voice and mapping tech
  • Gen 3 Cyclone Power – Delivering more power than ever

ILIFE A8 Review – Cleaning

The IIFE A8 looks great out of the box. It’s both slim and sleek.

Like any new toy, firing it up for the first time will be a treat. There’s an industry standard Auto button on top for quick manual starts.

Next to the Auto button is a camera used for mapping which we’ll get to in a bit.

Looking around the sides of the robot vacuum you’ll find twin side brushes for edging.

$ = less than $250 / $$ = $250 to $500 / $$$ = $500 an up









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Underneath the robot vacuum are large RoadRover wheels that navigate over most floors with poise and grace. Taking up the rear is a generous sized dustbin that easily slides in and out.

One unique feature is that the ILIFE A8 comes with two types of brushes.

  • A bristle brush is installed on the robot vacuum. It’s great for carpets and snagging pet hair.
  • A rubber brush is included in the box. It whips up debris on bare floors.

Swapping the brushes out is as simple as pressing a couple clips and sliding them in or out.ILIFE A8 Dual Brushes

When turned on the ILIFE A8 operates with a pretty soft hum.

Until you push the Max button.

Pressing this button on the remote increases suction strength. The noise alone gives you a sense of deeper cleaning on heavier carpets.

The cleaning performance is pretty solid overall.

The Gen 3 Cyclone Power provides plenty of suction to suck debris off floors and into the dust bin.

However, with a $250-$300 price tag, does this unit provide that much more of a cleaning improvement than a robot vacuum like the ILIFE A4s that’s less than $200?

No so much.

For this question it really comes down to mapping and navigation efficiency.

The features are hard to find for a better price, period.

ILIFE A8 Review – Navigation

Pushing the Auto button on the ILIFE A8 sets into motion a series of events.

The Pano-View camera begins mapping out rooms. This system uses 360-degree live views to determine things like position and distance.

The robot starts recognizing points of reference which allows the ILIFE A8 to make predictive movements and patters as it begins rolling around on the floor.

With a run time of up to 130 minutes on a single charge and mapped out cleaning the ILIFE A8 can cover a lot of ground.

It also has recharge and resume technology. Not only will it stay out working for over two hours but once the battery gets low it will:

  • find it’s way back to the charging dock
  • return where it left off to finish the job

There are some reviews stating that the accuracy of the ILIFE A8 in returning to the dock is not perfect.

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On top of the mapping camera, the ILIFE A8 has the standard array of sensors that you find in most robot vacuums to aid in navigating rooms safely.

Also, it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity or smart app control.

I-Voice Technology

The I-Voice technology is more of a neat gimmicky feature rather than a real performance enhancing tool.

The ILIFE A8 will give verbal statements on certain factors in it’s operation. Some common statements might include:

  • The device is stuck
  • The battery is low
  • A cleaning session is starting

Finally, there’s a remote for all of the cleaning modes:

Auto, Edge, Spot, and Max

You can also schedule cleanings or tell the ILIFE A8 to return to the charging dock.

ILIFE A8 Review Summary

There’s a lot to like for the price with the ILIFE A8. Vacuuming performance is pretty standard.

But so much else is unique. The added rubber brush is very original.

If predictable cleaning patters are important to you, then you won’t find a robot vacuum under $500 that can do what the ILIFE A8 can do.

Ilife A8 Panoview

The Pano-View is first run tech so to speak so it’s not perfect.

The robot vacuums is nice and quiet unless put into Max mode or when making statements with the I-Voice system.

It’s also very sleek and attractive and will keep working until you tell it to quit.

Pretty much.

It’s a good match for large square footage with different floor types. Reviews are a bit mixed but for the price it’s got a lot of potential.

So be sure to take a look.

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